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Join Jordy Bear as he embarks his big boy adventures, embracing new experiences and discovering his independence, all while learning valuable “big boy” lessons. 

Jordy Bear learns how to sleep in his “big boy” bed, conquers potty training, and courageously navigates many more “big boy” milestones.  Get ready to witness the exciting escapades of Jordy Bear as he dives into big boy adventures.

Let the big boy adventures begin!

I Sleep With You, Mommy

Jordy Bear is a sweet little boy who loves nighttime snuggles with his mommy. Jordy Bear is scared to sleep in his room at night, and wakes up every night searching for his mommy. Read along to find out if Jordy Bear learns to conquer his fears and sleep in his big boy bed. Whatever happens, Jordy Bear knows that his mommy will always be there for him and keep him safe.

I Go Potty, Mommy

In the third book of the beloved series, "Jordy Bear's Big Boy Adventures," Jordy Bear embarks on an exciting journey of potty training. Filled with determination to become a big boy, Jordy Bear sets out to conquer the potty. With his supportive mommy by his side, Jordy Bear faces potty training obstacles, from understanding when he needs to go to learning how to sit on the potty. Through gentle guidance and patient encouragement, Mommy helps Jordy build confidence and learn to go potty all by himself.

I Do It Myself, Mommy

In the second book of the heartwarming Jordy Bear's Big Boy Adventure series, Jordy Bear is continuing to learn how to be a big boy. Bursting with independence and determination, Jordy Bear is determined to do everything himself. Join Jordy Bear on his independence adventure, as he discovers that embracing help from those who care for him is part of becoming the big boy he aspires to be.

That's My Best Friend, Mommy

Coming soon! In the fourth book of the beloved series, "Jordy Bear's Big Boy Adventures," Jordy Bear embarks on an exciting journey of discovering what it means to have friends. Jody Bear can't wait to tell his mommy about his new friends.

New books coming soon!

The Art Competition

Join Jamison on this exciting journey as he participates in his first art competition! Jamison has always loved drawing, and he can’t wait to showcase his art!  Will he overcome his fear of being on stage? Will he win? Read along to join Jamison on first this artistic adventure!

The Buzzer Beater

As Jackson prepares for his last game alongside his childhood friends before his family’s relocation to Georgia, he finds himself caught in a whirlwind of emotions. Determined to leave a lasting mark, he’s driven to give his all, ensuring his team’s triumph in the championship and preserving their perfect, undefeated season.

Jackson faces the ultimate test—can he maintain focus and lead his team to victory? Or will his swirl of emotions throw him off his game? The game is decided by a buzzer beater! Which team will emerge triumphant?

New Series Coming Soon!

The J3 Files: Superhero Siblings

Join three incredible brothers, Jackson, Jamison and Jordan, as they unveil their family’s extraordinary legacy: superhuman abilities. In this thrilling series, one by one, each brother discovers their hidden powers. 

In the first installment, we follow Jackson, the eldest sibling, on an exhilarating adventure. He unexpectedly stumbles upon his incredible gift: super speed. As he teeters on the edge of adolescence, Jackson grapples with the weight of this secret and the challenges it presents. 

Readers of all ages are invited to take this wild and exciting ride alongside the brothers and witness their growth and transformation as they learn to embrace their incredible destinies.