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  • Motherhood Reflections: Acknowledging Your Resilience & Learning Grace


    This prompt journal helps mothers take the time to breathe and nourish themselves. We give and give and, often, fail to take the time to give to ourselves. But if we can learn the value of pausing, we’ll find that our spirits will thrive.When you nourish you, love you, and get to know you, I believe that every other area in your life will flourish. And mama, you deserve to flourish.

    Take this reflective journey – let’s plant some seeds, prune those flowers, and watch ourselves bloom.

    Journal Details

    • 7 x 10 inches
    • 76 Prompt questions
    • Two lined pages to fill in your responses & aha moments
    • 4 featured quote pages from author’s blog, Journey to Womanhood
    • QR code to take you directly to the author’s blog where you can delve deeper into posts that have featured quotes